Thursday, November 30, 2006


The party itself was put together very well. The stages were far enough apart to where you could not hear the music from the other. The DJ's were definatly a plus. Great line up altogether. The only bad thing is the party had to end so quick.

I think the promoter did the right thing when he ended the party. Things were getting way out of hand and I think he made the right decision instead of getting the cops involved.

It really does upset me when "non-ravers" show up to our parties and just start drama. Thats not what these parties are for. People are starting to forget that our parties are for the music, the people, the GOOD atmosphere. It is not a place where you bring your drama and bad vibes.

Another thing, people should never stop supporting Flock just because one party went the way it did. They have thrown so many parties that ended up great in the past. No need to worry about future parties. We should all just have some faith in them. I, for one, am definatly excited about the make-up party they are throwing next year!