Monday, January 29, 2007

Legal Venue?

I've noticed that more and more parties are getting broken up now a days. Personally, I don't feel like paying $10-$20 bucks to go to a party that is going to get busted two hours or so after I get there.

Maybe its time we all get together and chip in for a legal venue we can use maybe once or twice a month. I would be willing to attend more parties if I knew they werent going to get busted.

I know this subject has been talked about in the past, but I think its time we ACTUALLY do something about it. If parties keep getting busted, what do you think its going to do to our scene? More and more people aren't going to want to give the time of day or money to something that is only going to last until the cops break it up.

We need to keep this scene alive, lets start doing something about it Arizona.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Outdoor Vs. Indoor

There is much discussion on whether indoor or outdoor parties are more benecifial then the other. There are many pros and cons to both... This is the way I see it:

There is more room to roam, it doesnt get way overcrowded, cheaper to throw parties, cooler during the hot summer months. But then again, you also have to worry about local wildlife, equiptment getting damaged, finding a place where the cops wont find you and making it easy enough for everyone to get there, and getting arrested for trespassing on someone's land.

Great during the cold winter months, equiptment can be kept safer, sound is much better, there are not as many drunk or messed up people, things can be kept under control for the most part, more likely to have restrooms. The problem with indoor parties is they can be expensive to rent, dangerous to break into, get too overcrowded and hot, can be very dirty and dark, lack of proper facilities leading to very unsanitary situations.

Personally, I like to attend desert parties during the hot summer months, and more indoor parties during the cooler winter months. Either way, the parties I like to attend have to be legal.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Liquid Heat - Marcus Intalex

I've never really been to a full out D-n-B show until this one. I am definatly going to be attending more of these.

Great vibe, good music = all around great night!! :)

Monday, January 8, 2007

Should we still support DSRK?

The long awaited first party named Yoshi's Island for DSRK was finally here. Funny thing is, it didn't happen. WTF?! I heard plenty of rumors on why the party didnt kick off in the first place but it all seems hella shady to me. I dont know if I will support DSRK anymore cause of that. What a joke. This is why new promoters should throw parties in legal venues and have it set up BEFORE the day of the party until they figure out what they are doing.

The good thing about the people who threw the party was that they did have a back up plan and ended up throwing a small house party out in Surprise. I didnt go to it, so I'm not sure how it turned out. Way too far of a drive for something that I thought, wouldnt be worth the time of day.

Great Job DSRK, for making such a great first impression.

My advice to you, quit dealing with such shady people to get you a venue. Take care of this before the day of your party.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Not a weekend to Rave.

So no raves this weekend, which means no opinions on how it went. I decided that I would rather stay in then attend Together as One or The Rave Machine. I just went to a house party and had a great time.

I hope everyone had a happy safe new year! :)