Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Upcoming Arizona parties for 4/27 - 4/29

Roll da Bass...Bang da Drumz! - 4/27/2007
Brought to you by: IBB and Flock Productions
North phoenix outdoor location.
$ 1 water all night long
Time Slots
Silent Assassin 10pm - 11pm ragga breaks set
Pac D vs Redbird 11pm - 1230am Jungle n DUB
Killah Ranks 1230am - 130 am Jungle
Cruz vs Admyer 130am - 3am drum n bass
Quentin vs Wix 3am- 430am drum n bass
Info line: (602) 919-2327

Field of Dreams - 4/28/2007
Second annual "Down in the Park" brought to you by: Nightowl Entertainment and
This is a Fully permitted event, and 100% legal.
2250 S McQueen Rd
Chandler, AZ 85249
Click on Tumbleweed Park for Map
The City is letting us use this beautiful place to Rave and have a good time, so lets please be respectful. Tumbleweed Park hosts the biggest events in Chandler such as The Ostrich Festival, Chandler 4th of July Festivals, and the Arizona Balloon Festival. Nightowl Entertainment along with PartyKid Productions will use this beautiful venue and transform it into a Field of Dreams. Please Join us for this 10 hour "Fiesta of Beats" and good vibes.
This will be located at Tumbleweed Park where there will be enough room to BBQ and play some football. Bring your kids, frisbees, lawn chairs, blankets, footballs, hacky-sacks and anything else that makes an outdoor event great. We will supply the BASS and the incredible line-up. If you missed the 1st down in the park, you will not want to miss this one.
There will be NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Anyone caught drinking, will be quickly thrown out of the park by rangers and fined. This includes drinking in parked cars, and on the field.
SIX Ear Pounding Cabs provided by: B.A.S.S.
DJ Grimey (Nightowl Ent / DnB Militia) NEWPORT BEACH, CA 1pm-2pm
K-System (PDNMusic/Sonic Assault - PsyBreaks/Dance-Rock remix CDJ Sets) 3pm-4pm
DJ Grem (TMC) 12pm - 1pm
DJ DisFUNKtion vs DJ Qwik (Dark-Nois Records) 2pm-3pm
DJ Headspace (Nightowl Ent / Partykid Prod) 8pm-9pm
Joey-D aka JoJoe (Karma Productions) 7pm-8pm
DJ Tranzit (Vinyltech-Dj's / LWRecords) 6pm-7pm
Cuban (Remedy Productions/Vibe Netwerk) **Special Trance set**vs.Richard Anthony (Pain Clothing / SUNDIN) 4pm-5pm
Matthew Harris (Mafiatic Productions) 5pm - 6pm
DJ Gary (Flock Prod) 9pm - 10pm
FIRE SHOW BY: S_T_3 Fire Crew

Eye of the Storm - 4/28/2007
This will be another Arizona desert party brought to you by: 2BHappy Productions &
Soda-Licious Productions
Featuring - Matty(London West/CGT) - Steve Edwards(Biohazard) - Steve Kerr(Dirt Assasinz) - Harmonious(2BHappy/Vibe Netwerk) - Luminious(2BHappy/Vibe Netwerk) - Jeff Trevors aka Amnesia(2BHappy/Vibe Netwerk) - Justin W(Nightowl Ent.) - Twisted D.U.O.(Digital Underground/Shiva Studios, LV) - Dj Joseph B(Oxford, MI) - Dj Arek(602p.) - Rex Vs. Excell(602p.) - Nexone vs. Mayhem(AZHCJ/ - Dustin Bass & MC Mindstate(2BHappy/Knock Knock) - Dr Gonzo(Organized Confusion) - Buddah(AZHardccore Junkies/Flock) - Silent Assassin(IBB) - Dj Camp - Subtle Slang
Info line: (602) 509-1737

Monday, April 23, 2007

Neverland and Urban Arts in the Park

Neverland - 4/21/2007
I headed out to the party a bit early to help Justin W out with some of his equipment. When I arrived(around 8:30pm) they already had almost everything set up and ready to go which is always a great sign. The nice thing was they had someone directing cars where to park. When I was out there last time, it was nothing but a huge traffic jam. I am glad to see they had everything organized this time. The only down side was no one really knew what was going on with the stages. Justin and I walked around the party about two times before we finally found someone to tell us what was going on. Once we got everything situated I started to walk around to pass out some flyer's. There was already a good amount of people there and it must have been only 9:00 - 9:15. I met a ton of new faces and everyone seemed to be having a good time already.
I was a little concerned for this party at first. There has been an increase in people ODing at parties. The last couple of parties held out at CowTown were shut down due to either people ODing or the promoter not having all of the correct permits. While I was walking around, I saw some things that made me a little upset. Wouldn't it be common sense to stay away from people who have tags on if you are selling drugs? Another thing that bothered me was this guy who had passed out near one of the shacks in the dirt. I woke him up to ask if he was OK and all he said was he was tired and needed some sleep. Why would you pay $25.00 to go to a party and sleep in the dirt? When I was leaving the party around 2:30am I saw a girl who was being carried out of the party by two of her friends. She had obviously taken too much of whatever she had. PEOPLE - IF YOU ARE GOING TO INDULGE, KNOW YOUR LIMITS
I was at the Breaks/DnB stage most of the night. I heard nothing but the best sets from all DJ's spinning at that stage - DJ Shifty, Robotech, Ill-Legal?, Rex, Excell, MONK - Great job guys. I didn't enjoy Monk's booty house set all that much. His Drum and Bass set was nothing short than amazing. He played some old classics and I don't think there could have been any other way to make his set more energetic.
Sorry to those I missed, I left earlier then usual.
I am glad the promoters took the time to get all the appropriate permits needed to make this a true "bust-free" party.

Urban Arts in the Park - 4/22/2007
I arrived at Papago Park around 4:30pm and there were a ton of people there. I felt the vibe as soon as I walked up to the crowd. It was nice to see so many groups of people joined together having a great time. The food was tasty and the people working all the stands were very polite. There was a mixture in the music so that everyone could listen to something they enjoyed. This was definitely the perfect ending to a great weekend. Much love goes out to the women who put this together. Thank you for a great time. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The weekend of April 20-22

So whats going on in the Phoenix rave scene this weekend?
SPLIFF - 4/20/2007
This party will be held at:
Monroe's Underground - Downtown Phoenix
3 W Monroe Street - SW corner Monroe & Central
602.258.1182 * 3 dollars
This show will be featuring Tyson Guess, Terrence O'Connor, and Aaron Roberts.

SMOKE - 4/20/2007
This party will be held at:
The Brickhouse Theatre
1 E. Jackson - Central Phoenix
This party will feature A-Sides, Dehga, and Skip Skoolnik.

NEVERLAND - 4/21/2007
This party will be held at:
COWTOWN - North Phoenix
This show will feature the following:
Monk - Hallucination Recording and Rabbit in the Moon - Banging out a soundtrack of underground party music that jumps from hard house and breaks to slamming disco-tech, and twisted techno, to drum and bass rinse-outs, this is sure to be a set you do not want to miss.
Elevation - Armada Music -Detroit - FIRST Arizona appearance - First falling in love with music at the early age of 5, Elevation has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Markus Schulz and Armin Van Buuren.
LUNA-C - Kniteforce, Digital Entrapment - UK - FIRST Arizona appearance - Pumping out hits since the early 90's DJ Luna-C has become a name synonymous with breakbeat hardcore and the oldschool sound.
This is one party not to be missed. ALL AGES.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Friend Jason's House 4/13/2007

My Friend Jason's House 4/13/2007
The promoters did an amazing job with the venue. It was perfect for the theme of the party. There were three floors with a stage on each. The main stage on the top, Hardcore on the second, Drum and Bass/Breaks in the basement. It had a really creepy feel to it which I believe helped to bring a great vibe to the party.
I was downstairs for the majority of the night assisting in looking out for the venue, making sure people were not climbing on the pipes and rafters. I did not have to say a single thing to anyone the whole night. Everyone has very respectful when it came to looking out for the new place. The only issue I had was with people standing in the middle of the stairway talking to friends. If you are going to hang out, please go to the side of the room by the walls, do not stand in the middle in every one's way. If someone tells you to move, do it, do not just stand there and stare at them with a dumb look on your face, that is totally disrespectful.
The sound was amazing at the main stage. Whoever built the stage did an amazing job, I loved the set-up. The Hardcore stage was OK, I did not stay there long since I am not too big of a fan. The sound in the basement could have been much better. You could hear the vibrations from the floor above. I don't know if there is much you can do about that but it made things downstairs a little rough.
All in all, I had a great time at this party. I met a lot of new people and saw some friends I have lost touch with. I will definitely be supporting Clix and Mafiatic parties again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weekend of April 13th-15th

Brought to you by: and Mafiatic Productions

The unlucky Friday is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the day by throwing a party themed with the American Slasher film, Friday the 13th. The story of Jason Voorhees, who accidentally drowned at Camp Crystal Lake whose mother, Pamela Voorhees went on a bloody killing spree to avenge the death of her physically deformed son.

Headlining the deadly show will be Philadelphia's own Mike Saga throwing down an all Industrial set along with Stepkinetic rocking the place with his unique Drum and Bass styling. MC High IQ will be slashing the mic bringing out the East Coast style to the West.

This will be in a brand new BUST-FREE venue.

Locals Rule

Brought to you by: J+J AKA Jim of FLOCK and Jeff of CGT

Jim Flock recently had all his sound gear stolen, along with his trailer. This will be a benefit party to help restore the sound Flock lost. There is no preset charge to get into the party. They will take any donations you can spare. All lighting and sound are being donated for the party.
All of your favorite locals will be spinning including but not limited to:
DJ Cik - Starr and Sixxx - CRUZ - Kilsek - Quentin and Free-D - Admyer - SamNIZZLE Vs. Dysfunktion - Brook B - Nick Synergy - And many more!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Shazaam 4/7/2007

Shazaam 4/7/2007
I arrived at the party fairly early, I would say around 10:00pm. There was hardly a line to get in. Probably because security was not all that great. I emptied out just about all the contents in my pocket except for a bit of toilet paper, which I thought would come in handy later. The lady who was checking me asked me what was in my pocket, I told her, and all she said was "OK". I could have had anything in my pocket and they didn't even bother to ask me to pull it out to show them what it was.
There were not many lights to light the way throughout the party or at the stages. It really was not very appealing at all. Along with that, there were just way too many stages. Three stages with more sound would have been better then the seven stages with hardly any sound at all. Quality, not quantity.
I was not very pleased with the amount of people who showed up. Maybe it was because of the seven stages spread out along the huge venue but it seemed as if there was hardly anyone there. It was interesting how every stage I went to there were only about 10-15 people up dancing. As I was walking by the main stage there were only 2-3 people dancing while everyone else sat on the ground. That should NEVER happen at a party, especially if the music is good.
Twonz played an amazing set. I was surprised he didn't pull a bigger crowd, there were MAYBE 20 people rocking out to his set. Killah-Ranks also threw down some amazing EVIL tracks along with the producer who threw down after him(If anyone has his name please comment and let me know so I can add it to the post, thanks). Wix, Quentin, and Free-D rocked it as usual. I always enjoy listening to their mixes.
I was bummed out when the rumors started about the party being shut down. Nick Synergy was about to start when he was told to shut the sound off. First it was about some kid who ODed and died, which unfortunately someone did OD. The details on whether he/she is OK are still unknown. The next was the promoter did not have all the right permits. Whatever the truth is, please make sure all people are searched while entering the party for drugs instead of just checking them with a metal detector. We can at least cut down on the drug intake thus cutting the chance of someone ODing at a party and shutting it down.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Upcoming Events until June

I am very excited what the Arizona Rave Scene has in store for us this year. There are already some upcoming Arizona raves I plan on attending. For now, here are a couple of Arizona parties to try and check out.

In May, there are a couple of parties that are worth checking out. The first will be Philter, which I attended back in January of '06 and had an amazing time. This one is sure to be nothing but the best. Sean Tyas will be rocking in the Techtrance/Hardtrance for his first Arizona appearance along with Danny the Wild Child throwing down some Drum and Bass/Jungle to make up for a missed appearance at Diablo. The second party to check out will be The Beginning. 2BHappy Productions & Soda-licious are going to bring out the amazing Lenny Dee for his first time in Arizona to play an ALL TECHNO SET. Chris Liberator will also be in attendance bringing in some of the best tech-house from around the world.

The biggest one of them all, HTID in the Sun, is coming up in June. It is off to Spain for a full 7 days of relaxing in the sun during the day, and all the best Hardcore at night. A well needed vacation I must say.

Some local parties in June that kids should definitely check out are Welcome 2 Da Jungle and She Wars, featuring an all female lineup! For She Wars, Emagination Productions with Desert Reign Productions bring you DJ Rap(Drum and Bass), Colette(House), and Naha(Breakcore) plus many other female artists from around the world. Partykid Productions in association with Dark Nois Records bring you Welcome 2 Da Jungle featuring General Malice throwing in some Hardstep/Bboy jungle sound and Terra(Owned Clothing) tearing it up with the Drum and Bass/Jungle.

Be sure to catch a couple of these parties. If you have never been to an Arizona party, I would recommend to start with one of these. It is a life changing experience that I am sure you will enjoy.