Monday, February 26, 2007

Kindergarten Rave 2-24-2007

Kindergarten Rave 2-24-2007

Arrived early... Kinda got off to a slow start, but as soon as everything did start, good show. Thanks Cap for throwing a little DnB into the mix - That was awesome! You're set was hella bomb.. Along with you CIK! You two are the only ones that really get me listening to Hardcore. Pac D - You played an amazing set like usual, I loved it. Macrodot - That was an awesome set all together, I have really never heard you play until last night, but wow, good stuff for sure. Props to Clix for actually throwing a legal party. BTW - I thought it was awesome that everytime I went to use the restroom, there was ALWAYS TP and soap to wash my hands. The lighting in the main room was sick as usual, no complaints there. I thought it was really interesting how there were little activites set up around the party. I think you did a great job sticking to your theme Clix. Good job for making things proper for your first party. This was just an average party, nothing to particular. I had fun non-the-less, so good job. :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cupid's Revenge 4

Cupid's Revenge 4


All I have to say is wow. This party was amazing. The lighting, sound, position of the stages, vibe, and music was great. I have always enjoyed going out to CowTown for parties. It is such a great venue to use. The only problem I really had about the party was the $25.00 entrance fee. What happened to the $20.00 bucks we were SUPPOSED to pay all night? I really didn't understand why they started to card people either. Maybe it was because the cops were there for awhile but either way, you don't do that when the flyer says ALL AGES.

Other then paying WAY too much for this party I have to say it was one of the better parties of the New Year so far. Great job!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remedy 3

Remedy 3 - 2/10/2007
First off, I would like to thank AZHardcore Junkies, especially Cik. You guys did an amazing job. I was very impressed how the party turned out.
The only problem I had with the party was the long wait in line to get in. I would say maybe have two lines to get into the Ice House, but I know that will probably cause some unexpected issues. For now, us ravers are just going to have to deal with it. Get there early or suffer.
I don't even know where to start with the amazing sets that I heard. It sucks that RAW was a no-show, but no worries. I was excited to see Pac-D take his place. So worth it anyways!
Looking forward to the next party kids!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

SODAlicious 2-3-2007

SODAlicious 2-3-2007
Another Arizona desert party done completely right :)
The party started off a little late in the night which was fine because it turned out to be a great night. There were so soo many great sets played I don't even know where to begin. CIK and CAP definitely rocked the Hardcore! I was having a blast dancing to it. Amnesia and Luminous, Yello and Metatron - WOW! The Drum and Bass sets I heard were AMAZING! Pac D's "Jump up" set really got my feet moving.

Even though there were some technical issue's it really didn't make a difference in the vibe and energy of the party.

I really look forward to upcoming parties from you guys! Thanks Eric for having me out!

On a side note.... OZZFEST 2007 WILL BE FREE! Check out or The Insider for more information on free OzzFest tickets.