Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whats going on this Friday night?

For those of you who are 21+

Myst Nightclub will be featuring:

John "00" Fleming

A DJ career spanning more than 20 years from the ripe old age of 15 has afforded John 00 the sort of experience that most other DJs can only dream of. Never afraid to push the boundaries in the projects that he turns his hand to, he is the owner of the hugely successful J00F recordings and hosts his own radio show on Ministry of Sound/DI.FM, the highly popular Global Trance Grooves. A musical taste that transcends genres and his determination to seek out fresh, new, exciting music has resulted in John playing in almost every corner of the world and selling over 1 million CD compilations in his career. John’s work has been recognized over the years with rankings in various charts inc. Tranceaddict and DJ magazine. Importantly he’s rewarded by the rock solid support he gets from his dedicated fan base that follow him around the World and who put the gold discs on his wall. This priceless support is something that can’t be bought and has been earned by the hard work and dedication put in by John. He simply has a love and passion for what he does. A true legend.
(Biography taken from

For those of you who are NOT 21+:

Tonight is First Fridays where there is sure to be plenty of artwork and music to feed your soul. It is suggested that you begin at the Phoenix Public Library, located just south of McDowell Road on Central Avenue where you can grab a brochure that includes all the member galleries, their locations in the downtown Phoenix area, and the best shuttle bus route.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Party Review for The Beginning

The Beginning - May 19, 2007

"This event as the name states is only the beginning of HUGE things to come! We'll be going all out for this one, HUGE lights,video,sound,venue, and talent !!!" - 2BHappy Productions &
This is EXACTLY what they delivered. I was quite honored to be a part of something so large for the Arizona scene. The Beginning was certainly the start to something larger then anything Arizona has seen in a long time. Lights, sound, vibe, venue, this party will definitely be remembered.

The techno line-up was top notch. The main stage was on fire as soon as Amnesia opened until the last song was played out by Harmonious. Lenny D and Chris Liberator played some of the best sets I have heard at a party in a long time. There was so much energy in the crowd upstairs even due to the fact it was a little hot. The promoters had several fans running throughout the night to keep people cooled off.
I need to give major props to all those involved with the lighting and lasers. You guys really know how to do it up proper. As you all can see from the pictures, it was insane. There was so much hard work and effort put into making this happen I cant do a single thing but give all the promoters, party goers, security, and everyone else involved much respect for making this happen. I have not seen props like this in a long time and I hope future promoters will see this as a learning experience and help our scene grow into something we have never seen before. I truly believe this WAS the beginning to a new kind of scene and I hope to see more of this in the near future.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Review for Philter '07 and Aura: Emerald

Overmind Works and The Mystic Jewell present: Aura: Emerald
I have never been to one of the monthly Aura's so this was definitely a new experience for me. The nice thing about The Mystic Jewell is the VERY relaxing atmosphere and the soothing vibe you recieve when you first walk in the door. With a cover of only $5.00 this is something I will be sure to check out more often. There are places to sit and relax, a beautiful dancing floor with some amazing designs on the floor, and a new crowd of very welcoming people. Keep checking up with the Arizona Rave Scene blog for more information on the next Aura. I highly recommend checking it out.
Picture taken from
Philter 2007 - Brought to you by Outside World and COH Entertainment
This has to be one of the best themed parties of the year so far. I immediatly felt the vibe as soon as I walked through the door. The visuals and props were nothing short then amazing. The lighting was impressive. The wait to get into the party was close to nothing. I was excited that I did not have to wait an hour or two like the usual Icehouse parties. Security was very friendly and understanding which was very nice for a change. The music was very stimulating. I danced just about the whole night. The set Danny the Wildchild threw down was not anything too spectacular. I did not find too much interest in his unique drum and bass stylings. I did enjoy Pete Smalls "Tour de Genre" set. The flow of the set was as follows - Progressive House -> Tribal -> Progressive Trance -> Breaks -> Trance. There was nothing but full energy coming from the crowd the whole set. Sean Tyas played an extraordinary set as well. I could not keep still the whole time he played out. I did not get to catch Dave Berg's set as I was wandering around the party trying to check out all the vendors and stages. The way they had everything set up around the Icehouse was the best I have seen in awhile. Over all, this was a great party and I look forward to the next coming from OSW and COH Entertainment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Philter 2007

Outside World Entertainment & COH present to you:
Philter 2007 - May 12, 2007
The Legendary Icehouse
Indoor/OutdoorFully legal permited venue
429 W. Jackson, Phoenix AZ
This will be one party you should not miss, and if you have never been to an Arizona EDM event, this will be the perfect party to begin your experience into the Arizona rave scene. To start off a long summer here is Arizona, the Ice House will be featuring:

Sean Tyas(Switzerland/Discover Records) - First Arizona appearance - “Sean Tyas has to be one of the hottest producers around at the moment.” – Armin van Buuren (August 2006)
After being blown away by some of his recent productions, John Askew has signed up Sean Tyas to join the existing Discover ranks. His first outing on the label will come in the form of a kicking remix he has done of Aled Mann’s “Cold Fusion” which will then set the standard for his first Discover single “Lift” which is sure to be another classic release for the label.
“Mark my words…. Tyas will be f**ing huge!!!!” - Askew December 05.
Sean Tyas, a New York native and part of BasslineNYC (, now residing in Switzerland, brings to the dancefloor a mix of melodic harmony and driving groove that is sure to be just as effective on the legs as it is on the heart. He got his start in 1999 with his first set of Tech-12s and started to learn how to mix music. But for him, this was not enough. In the coming couple of years, he put together a studio and began producing records as well. By the age of twenty six, he has already remixed artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Moby, Daniel Bedingfield, Christina Milian, and PPK. During this time he got his start into professional DJing with clubs in NYC such as Shelter and Exit. Moving to Europe proved to be a great move for Sean, doing all production for DJ Beam in Germany and building his experience as a studio producer. Eventually Sean decided to step away, concentrated much more on his own productions and remixes. "Mirella" was the product of this exodus, as it was promptly signed to Afterglow Recordings, seeing John Askew and Dave Joy remixes. This led to a follow-up remix of Duderstadt - Muhanjala, which has seen almost every playlist of any trance DJ this year, including Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk. Despite the departure from Germany to Switzerland, Sean maintained relations with Beam, and the remix of Beam - "On your Mind" proved to be another HUGE club smash. Canned CONSTANTLY by the likes of Paul van Dyk, John O'Callaghan, & Armin van Buuren, this remix essentially locked Sean in as one of 2006's more endeared talents in the genre. The hype on his up-coming Discover single "Lift", has just been even more amplified by Sean's winning of the Sander van Doorn - Punk'd Remix Competition, beating out over 250 other remixes. In 2006, Sean has hit the ground at a running pace, and by now he has already played in many international locales, such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Indonesia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Italy, and of course America. As 2007 rolls on, dates are already confirmed for South Africa & Australia.
(Biography taken from

Danny the Wild Child(Q101 FM/Strictly Hype/Surge Recordings, Chicago) - Danny the Wild Child aka Daniel Garcia was born on the South side of Chicago in 1977. The brother of a once aspiring DJ, he keenly watched and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. Danny began djing at age nine soon surpassing his brother's abilities and eventually inherited his equipment and records. At twelve, Danny entered a Chicago area contest for young DJ's and won. He took home that fifty-dollar prize and was called "The Wildchild" from that day forward. Although Danny's roots were as a Hip-Hop DJ, he was eventually introduced into the Chicago Rave scene and to the world of drum-n-bass. He enjoyed this new form of music, but also loved hip-hop and began to creatively blend the two genres creating a unique sound of his own. As Danny's turntable talents grew, he began to incorporate scratching and DMC style battle tricks into his Drum-n-Bass sets. His precise mixing skills and unique style and sound gave him the opportunity to bring Drum-n-Bass into the DMC and Hip-Hop scenes. Danny's recognition has earned him a collection of praises from domestic and international magazines such as Mixer, Thousand Words, Faqt, and Lotus to name just a few. Danny was also featured as one of the people making waves in the scene in Urb's Next 100 Artists to Watch Issue. Today Danny has become one of the most valued U.S. Drum-n-Bass DJ's. His unique blends of jungle and Hip-Hop beats and amazing scratching and beat juggling have proved to be show stopping. His talents have brought him to perform in venues worldwide and opening up for such acts as Eminem, Method Man, The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Moby, Goldie, MixMaster Mike, and The Pharcyde. Danny also toured extensively throughout Europe with DJ Q-Bert in 2002. Although most weekends he is on the road, he still has time to host the 12midnight slot on Chicago's Alternative Radio station Q101 FM. In March, the Wildchild released a follow-up to his 1999 12" release on Bad Boy Bill's Canvas label. His first effort at mix CD culminated in the release of "Danny The Wildchild: Booked" (March 2001). The Wildchild's was the first in a series of "Booked" CD's from Chicago's Strictly Hype Recordings. This was followed by the successful release of his latest CD in 2002 on Surge Recordings entitled "Fully Sorted".
(Biography taken from

Dave Berg(Dmi Music/Lowphat/Florida) - Producing tunes along side with Jackal & Hyde - After picking up his first pair of decks over 15 years ago, Dave Berg knew that this was his calling. The rest as they say is history in the making. Dave is the founder of the worlds first exclusive Break Beat Distributor, DBI Music standing for Dave Berg International that started back in October 2001. DBI Music leads the industry in quality breaks and is the premiere one stop for all of the vinyl retail stores across the globe. Soon to follow he launched his Record Label, Low Phat Recordings that featured Dave's Debut release co produced with Jackal & Hyde titled "Don't Stop". He has also licensed out 2 mixed CDs titled Music Is Music & Further and is currently working on a new mix for the new year. Low Phat is currently on its 15th vinyl release and has had major break beat artists featured on it from the likes of Aquasky, Backdraft, SCAM, Krafty Kuts, Deepcut, Terminalhead, Burufunk & Infiniti. Dave still runs DBI Music & Low Phat Recordings and looks forward to what the future has to offer him!!

Pete Smalls(Phoenix) - Pete has been a writer/producer of electronic dance music for over 20 years and a DJ for over 15. Since working with the Bassbin Twins in 1993, Pete has gone on to produce tracks for artists such as Jennifer Lopez; remix tracks for major labels, including Maverick and Warner Brothers; and produce music for all aspects of film and TV. Though Pete spends much of his time living the anonymous studio life, nothing replaces the energy of a live show– and when he hits the booth, he doesn't disappoint. He's been filling dance floors across the globe (Dublin, Paris, Stuttgart, Sydney, Hong Kong, and throughout the U.S.) with his unique sets. Not wanting to be "locked in" to a particular genre, Pete shares his belief that there are solid tracks throughout the dance music genres by playing "Tour de Genre" sets, taking dancers through a variety of styles and BPMs. His mixes are NOT generic club music but fresh, grooving, underground tracks mixed into a flowing journey. Perhaps he’ll take you from House to Trance, or Tribal to Deep House, or Tech House to Progressive, and usually with plenty of Electro and Breaks sprinkled throughout. He plays tracks to match the venue and crowd.

With local support from:
Citrik (Outside World)
Nth (Dts/100% Natural Groove)
Louder (
Matty (London West)
Brandon Jay from New Mexico (Desert Moon, PartyCrashers)
Pac D (
DJ Detale (COH)
Dft (Imperial, Liquid Sky, Microterrorizum, Drumz, PM Dark)
Quentin (OrganizedConfusion - Flock - TheBoondocks -Microterrorizum)
Excell (602 prodz)
Charlie from San Francisco (F8)
Matthew Harris (Mafiatic/Pain Clothing/ London West Records/ 2BHappy/ Vibe Netwerk) Tranzit ( Soul Cloth./480 Motoring/Kaboom Energy Drink)Pepse (Dts/Stay Chooned)
Rex (Mafiatic Productions)
Bacteria (602/Organized Confusion)
Cik (meta 4 Records holland/Psychotik records/azhardcorejunkies/Organized Confusion) &Nexone (, azhardcorejunkies)
Matt Dunn (Frequency 8)
Yogi (Vinyk Tech dj's)
Brook B (Dirt Assasinz/London West Records)
Steve Kerr (Dirt Assasinz)
Datatech (Hazardous Crew /Miami/Electro Bass)
DJ Sonus- (Gung-Ho Productions/TriumvirateEntertainment)
Ray Ray ( House)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Weekend of May 4-6

For those of you who are 21+:

Locals Night at Myst Nightclub

Myst will be filled with nothing but the best wax thrown down by some of Arizona's best local DJ's, featuring the works of Steve Edwards, Metatron and Yello, DJ Louder, Spencer Thomas, Brook B, and DJ Jared.

NightOwl Entertainment brings you:
This party will be 100% Drum and Bass/Jungle featuring the works of Killah-Ranks, DJ Sickx, Wix Vs. Coda, Quentin Vs. Robotech Vs. The OneSpy, Free-D Vs. Carmen Vega, DJ Aries Vs. Cruz, and DJ Culprit. There will be a special fire performance from the one and only S_T_3 fire crew. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, there will be pinatas all night long containing candy and other surprises.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

First Fridays in Phoenix, Arizona

Every first Friday evening of every month, the art galleries in Downtown Phoenix open up to give people a chance to take a self-guided tour through them. First Friday is organized by Artlink, a nonprofit organization "...dedicated to bringing together artists, the public, and businesses for a greater understanding, appreciation, and promotion of the arts and the development of a strong and vital downtown Phoenix arts community." First Fridays first started back in the 1990's when the interest in downtown arts and entertainment greatly expanded. The annual Art Detour, originally designed as simply an open studios tour, was founded in the spring of 1988, and has attracted hundreds of artists and thousands of art lovers downtown every year. The galleries and alternative art spaces were soon joined by music venues, cafes and individual artist studios.
The "art walk" will be held every first Friday of every month from 6pm to 10pm. For more information about this event, contact Artlink at 602-256-7539 or visit them online at

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Arizona desert parties over the weekend

Roll da Bass...Bang da Drumz!
Arrived out at the party location around 9:30pm. The location was very nice, a little far from the city but well worth the drive. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect.
Everything was set up and ready to go by the time more people started to show up. The music and sound was right on key. Redbird and Pac D played an amazing set along with Killah-Ranks, Silent Assassin, and Evol1. Unfortunately I did not stick around for Cruz, Admyer, Quentin, and Wix but I am sure they played a great set as always. The vibe was nothing short then perfect. This was a wonderful beginning to the long weekend ahead.
Field of Dreams
Arrived at Tumbleweed park around 2pm. There were not as many people there as I thought there would be. The vibe was very welcoming. When I first got there, the weather was a little on the hot side. Around 3:30pm and nice dust storm rolled in and knocked all the shading away from the DJ booth. I decided to leave a little after it started to sprinkle to get out of the weather. I heard nothing but good things from people who stayed until the park gathering ended.
Eye of the Storm
I helped to set up the party so I was out at the party location around 7pm. We finally had everything set up and ready to go around 9:30pm, a little late but it wasn't too much of a hassle. The sound could have been a bit better in my opinion. There was not much sound and I think two more cabs on each stage would have been a good idea. All DJ's who threw down records did well. I caught a little bit of every one's sets and didn't hear anything I didn't like or approved of. The vibe throughout the night was very welcoming. Even though there was no "parking" lot per say, everyone respected each others cars/trucks etc... I was very impressed with the way everyone handled the parking situation. The weather was perfect. It got a little colder later in the night so Bonn fires were set up. The one fire was a little too close to the stage and vending tables. Luckily nothing caught on fire but next time, please move all fires far enough away from crowded areas. I didn't end up leaving the party until 6:30am. There were still people partying. This is how parties these days should end up.