Monday, March 19, 2007

Another broken up party

Irish Jig ended up getting busted this weekend.

Here is some information taken from a post by a member on


Here's how you get away with partying until noon (or later) on Sunday -
1. Don't call it a rave. Period.
2. Don't promote it like a rave.
3. Use a system to limit who has directions, and have a list of event members who have RSVP'd in case the cops do show up.
4. Have a large number of people camping on site over the whole weekend.
5. Don't play too loud. It sounds a lot better when it's not in the red.
6. Keep it small. If you have less than 75 people in attendance you don't have to have a permit.

Any larger than that and you must get permitted by the National Forest Service (among others).

1. Do NOT let everyone scramble. Everyone should go about their business until the cops decide to send everyone home or move along. If the cops do decide to send everyone home, everyone should spend as long as possible picking up trash, breaking down equipment, etc. to show the cops that we're conscientious of our impact on the land and treat it with more respect than we've been shown.
2. Do NOT let anyone get confrontational. If someone does decide to try it, do whatever you have to do to get that person under control immediately. Otherwise, the cops may use it as an excuse to retaliate.
3. Get the cops info as well. Write down everything (name, rank, badge #, etc). Whoever has cameras should be getting video as well as possible at this time.


I agree with the post in full and promoters should understand if you are going to throw a party, to make sure you take all precautions so it does not get busted.

I did not attend this party so I am not sure what all the circumstances were. I just thought I should make a post and another point on why more parties should be held at legal venues.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sneaking into Parties

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion on people sneaking into parties. What can we do about stopping it? What drives people to sneak in? There are many questions concerning the topic in itself.

I, for one, do not think that we can ever "stop" ravers from sneaking into parties. The simple fact of the matter is there is always going to be an alternative route to get into a party, especially a desert party. There have been times where I have seriously sat and watched multiple ravers running through the desert and jumping fences to get into parties that cost maybe $10 bucks at the most.

What drives these people to sneak in? I think costs are a major factor in the situation. I can understand that parties are getting expensive at times and not everyone can afford to go. That does not mean you should sneak into a party that someone has put time and MONEY into throwing for the Arizona scene. If you cannot afford to go to a party, then DON'T go. There is plenty of things you can do on a Saturday night for free. Phoenix does have more then the rave scene to offer young adults.

This may just be another factor in why the Arizona Rave Scene is dwindling and divided. If the promoters are not making the money from putting on shows, what would drive them to put on more in the future?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Snakes at a RAVE 3/3/2007

Snakes at a RAVE 3/3/2007
I really wasn't impressed with this party at all. Rhinox usually throws great parties so I was a little disappointed when this one didn't turn out so great. The fact that I paid $25 bucks to get into a party that was maybe worth $10 destroyed my vibe from the start. I was surprised to see 5 different stages set up around the venue - Which was too large for this party. There were not that many people so it seemed kinda empty with the stages set so far apart. The weird thing was the DnB and House stages were so close the sound bleed was terrible. Especially since one of the speakers at the DnB stage sounded like it was blown. That was kind of disappointing. I do give props to the theme of the party. It was put together very well. What happened to the 700 or so snakes that were supposed to be scattered from one end of the venue to the other? I got there early and I didn't see not one glow in the dark snake.
I know there was nothing that the promoter could do about the weather but it was just way too cold out there. They could have at least had a couple of bonn fires going somewhere for people to warm up. I ended up leaving early just because I couldn't see myself having a good time as the night went on.