Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wonder 4 - 11.17.2007

Organized Confusion along with AZ Hardcore Junkies, Big Daddy Rhinox, and many others bring you:
LIMEWAX -Tech Itch/Freak Recordings/Obscene Recordings/Anger ManagementLimewax doesn't like to be thought of as a child prodigy, but he is, despite his protests, the young Einstein of the Anger / Tech Freak posse. At only 18, he is already producing tracks on par with the big guns, and holding his own in the sickness department!Born in 1988 (!) he was weaned on hardcore vodka and babushka¹s in Russia and the Ukraine until the tender age of 11, where he then moved to the smoker¹s paradise that is Holland. A classically trained pianist, he began his decent into the griminess of drum and bass through listening to radio shows and breakbeat and ambient. Soon after his 11th birthday, he received some old equipment and began to mess about with atmospherics, and wrote a few symphonies (yes, symphonies - we're talking a young Mozart here!) and soon moved from old beaten up Roland's to getting his head around reason at age 15. From 15 to now has been all hard work, perspiration and a helluva lot of inspiration!Limewax's tunes are reminiscent of the dark sci fi landscapes of Technical Itch, the driving dark funk force of Dylan, like a hybrid love child - he is easily one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Europe this year, and without a doubt will remain so for the years ahead! From the the Cracking Core EP on Tech Itch Recordings, his Freak debut ' The Lawra' , and more recently the 'We Have Life' EP with SPL featuring the huge dancefloor shaker 'Untitled 666' . This year see's Limewax burst to new levels with a arsonal of insanely filthy tunes such as MOTD, Bomb, Invasion, collaborations with SPL, The Panacea ('Pigeons and Marshmallows'), and Dylan ('Cleansed by a Nightmare'), as well as the much MUCH anticipated Tech Freak album, with holds such absolute killers as 'Everything', 'Scream War', 'Face it Alone', 'Raptor', 'Fuck The Lables' and so much more (seriously its almost laughable how amazing this guy's tunes are - you can play a whole set of Limewax, cover all spectrums, from deep to dancefloor to tribally booty shaking, to terrorizing lol and have just DAMN GOOD MUSIC he is that good)! Limewax may be young in age, but will rock the dance floor like a long established pro!! Mark my words, this is only the watch this space!!!
SPOR - Barcode / Renegade Hardware / Trouble On Vinyl / TOV / Bassline - London UK At the young age of 21 Spor has established himself as one of the front movers of the world dnb scene, with exclusive releases on Tov Music Group, Spor has been poping out tunes the last few years such as doing a 2nd remix as Noisia did of his version of world famous " The Messiah " and the much raved " Way Of The Samuria ". Hitting the U.S for the " Us Against The World " LP tour for Barcode rec a sister label to Renegade Hardware, we look forward to having him throw down some dirty beats.
D-Passion (Rik Gieling) from the North West of The Netherlands had his talent recognized quickly. He produces dance floor orientated hardcore with a very distinctive sound. In no time his music was recognized as the ‘D-Passion sound’. His first release on The Third Movement in 2002 was ‘Exposure’ a successful track, being played at endless parties as well as being placed on several compilations. Following in 2003 was the unforgotten ‘Fuck the free world’ enthusiasm was expressed all over the world in response to this release. D-Passion continues to establish a reputable name for himself in the world of Hardcore. Also releasing ‘Kind of Rude, IM002’ on the sub-label Industrial Movement, a production that displayed total origination.

Alex B (Alex Broekhuizen) is from the North West of The Netherlands. After a lot of association in the Hardcore scene, including his own radio show ‘Hardbeatz’, along with DJ performances and graphic design, Alex became involved with The Third Movement and worked on Co-productions with several artists such as Promo and D-Passion. Alex officially joined The Third Movement in 2005. After a number of quality tracks on several releases such ‘Endless Combinations’ and ‘Bij Gebrek aan beter’ Alex’s party orientated hardcore often with humorous elements reflects well on his personality.

Petrochemical is a hardcore project from Norway. The first record came out in 2004 on Genosha Recordings. Their style is mainly darkcore and industrial, but there are no rules for these guys. They will make what they want. Allways has... allways will. ToXtoy (50% of Petrochemical) is the one representing Petrochemical in a DJ set and will serve a set with everything from Hardcore and Hard Techno (Schranz) to raw Industrial and Darkcore. He started DJ'ing in 1996, but because of his hard music style he didn't get many bookings in his motherland (that's right... there is no hardcore in Norway). Since 2002 he had bookings in Sweden, Belgium, Holland , Germany And finally The USA!!!!.


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won‧der  [wuhn-der] –verb (used without object). to think or speculate curiously: to wonder about something.. to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel.–verb (used with object) . to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know: to wonder what happened.. to feel wonder at: I wonder –noun. something strange and surprising; a cause of surprise, astonishment, or admiration: . the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest, sometimes tinged with admiration: . miraculous deed or event; remarkable phenomenon.An event inexplicable by the laws of nature; a

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